Intermediate- / sprinkling belt

The Venmatic intermediate belt/sprinkling belt is generally placed after the long roller.

Sprinklers on a C-frame or fixed configuration above this belt can then do the sprinkling.

A vacuum system handles automatic filling of the sprinklers or returning excess sprinkling material.

Before sprinkling, we recommend moistening the dough products e.g. with a finishing glaze roller on a C-frame.



  • Entirely in stainless steel
  • Powered by a slip-on TorqLOC gear motor (direct drive)
  • Dimensioned to suit the project
  • Return system for the sprinkled material is possible
  • Swappable sprinkling bins

As an alternative to this sprinkling belt, a grille mat conveyor can be used (see the “Grille mat transport” page).

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