Venema Techniek & Service is a Diosna dealer. We have been handling the sales, maintenance and service for Diosna for a number of years now. Diosna has been a leading company for the food and pharma sector since 1885. Diosna comfortably meets our high standards of quality, of course. Please feel free to contact us: we’ll be delighted to tell you more about Diosna and their various products and services for the food sector.

Lees verder DIOSNA wendelkneaders W

DIOSNA wendelkneaders W

Lees verder DIOSNA spiral kneaders SP

DIOSNA spiral kneaders SP

Lees verder DIOSNA elevator and tipper HK

DIOSNA elevator and tipper HK

Lees verder DIOSNA with interchangeable tools

DIOSNA with interchangeable tools

Lees verder DIOSNA linear system

DIOSNA linear system