Elevator and tipper HK 224 / HKV 224

Diosna’s HK 224 and HKV 224 elevator and tipper are sturdily built.

These machines are widely used because of their versatility.



  • High level of safety thanks to the double chains
  • Drive is fitted from above, which saves space
  • Very versatile
  • Custom-made tipping height



  • Column can be vertical (HKV) or angled (HK)
  • 2x manual operation/automatic operation
  • Bowl scraper mechanism
  • stainless steel variant/part stainless steel variant/coated
  • Various bowl volumes possible
  • Tipping to the left or to the right


Technical information, HK 224/HKV 224

Maximum permitted load:

Tipping height:

Number of tip/lift actions per hour:





max. 3500

approx. 10


Continuous development of the products means that the information provided above can change.

Please contact us if you would like the latest data or more information!