The 24/7 service and maintenance also covers the delivery of spares.

Because we are a Diosna service partner, Venema Techniek & Service keeps many of the commonest Diosna parts in stock.

These range from a single ring seal to components for a complete kneading arm system, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps, tub drives, displays and so forth.


In addition to Diosna parts, we also have spares in stock for Werner & Pfleiderer, WP Haton and WP Kemper machines, as well as our own brand, Venmatic.


Our service technicians’ vans also hold various specific machine components that we hope will let them resolve faults quickly for you.


If we do not have the parts you need in stock, they can simply be ordered directly from the manufacturer through us.

Using the brand, type and machine number that you give us, we can make an offer and supply the right parts with no difficulty.


When inquiring or ordering, please state the brand and type (including the machine number) so that we can offer for or supply the correct parts.

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