Venmatic® Bunline

The Venmatic® Bun and Roll Line is the perfect solution for producing buns and rolls and it can be configured however you want.

The components that comprise the Venmatic® Bun and Roll Line are listed below.


Resting belt

The first step of the Bun line is the resting belt, the pieces of dough have time to lose tension.

Therefore the products can be handled better further in the proces.


Long roller

After the resting belt, the dough products can be rolled out using the long roller.

The long roller has an upper and lower belt. The upper belt can be adjusted to any height.

The upper belt can be suited with an flour duster.


Seeding system

The seeding system can be integrated in the bunline. 

The seeders are mounted on a driveable C-frame which can be driven above the conveyor belt or grille conveyor.

It's possible to feed the seeders with an automatic vacuum system.


Retracting belt

The retracting belt is the perfect solution to place your products on product carriers.



  • Complete in stainless steel or food grade plastics
  • Suited with Torq-Loc gear motors
  • Standard Capacity 18.000 - 24.000 - 30.000