Venmatic® Decojet - Dough Scoring solution

The Venmatic Decojet® dough scoring solution is the most reliable, save and efficient way to score your dough products. It improves operator safety, product quality and production efficiency.Therefore reducing labour costs. Every dough scoring solution is custom made to your requirements and what is best for your recipes.

The Venmatic® Decojet dough scoring solution is available as a static emplacement. More intricate patterns can be done with the Venmatic® Decojet 2-axis system, capable of cutting on a horizontal plane. For even more possibilities, the Venmatic® Decojet robot controlled scoring system provides an even greater range of cutting motions, this system can also be fitted with optional 3D vision scanning for augmented accuracy and additional scoring possibilities.

The Venmatic® Decojet is supplied with an in-house designed separate pump-unit. This pump-unit is iteratively designed for maximum reliability whilst still being easy to maintain. The pumping device is fitted with a magnetically coupling stainless steel pump for hygiene and a proprietarily developed fast switching three station manifold for optimal functionality.

The easy-to-use human interface allows the operator to easily adjust cutting lengths and cutting angles, and save them as a program for each of your recipes. Different patterns require different cutting bars, with the Venmatic® Decojet changing a bar takes less than a minute. 

  • Efficient 24/7 dough scoring
  • Hygienic Design
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • High capacities
  • Many cutting patterns possible
  • Cost efficient
  • 3D Vision scanning ready